Our Process

We specialize in roofing services for new construction, commerical roofing, and re-roofing. Each roofing crew has years of experience and they will get the job done quickly and with top quality.

Our Process

1st Meeting

This is a consultation meeting between you and one of our project manager’s. We will discuss your roofing needs, establish a scope of work, and discuss material options. Our main objective is to establish a scope of work, your budget, and the feasibility of meeting your criteria. Your project manager will then begin researching your project, and put together options and numbers for your next meeting. This is also known as an estimate.

2nd meeting

Your project manager now has some options, numbers, and a detailed proposal that will be presented to you and your family. If you are comfortable with your project manager, scope of work, and our company, we will give you some scheduling options.


Production begins as soon as we receive a signed contract and a 30% deposit. Materials are secured, crews are locked in, job folders are reviewed by the field supervisor, project manager, and foreman. A final site visit may be needed to answer some final questions.

Job Starts

Savage Roofing & Gutter LLC will contact you with plenty of notice before your project begins. By now you will know approximately how long your roofing project will take. Savage Roofing & Gutter LLC is dedicated to communication with you, throughout your project.


Savage Roofing and Gutter LLC will complete your project according to manufacture’s specifications, building codes, and property standards. You will be updated on progress, schedule, and change orders throughout the roofing process.

Final Inspection

This step is to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of work done and to confirm that all installation has been completed correctly. At that time we would also be picking up the final payment.

Customer Evaluation

Savage Roofing and Gutter LLC will leave you with a customer evaluation form that can be filled out and sent in or completed via email. This is how you rate us, please be honest and thorough. These forms are our best tool for measuring, and evaluating the growth of our company. We want you to refer Savage Roofing & Gutter LLC the next time someone mentions roofing.

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